9th Class Computer Short Questions – Complete Book Short Questions

9th Class Computer Short Questions

Hi, Everyone if you want to get the most important short questions about the 9th Class Computer book then you can read this complete information. Here you can get the most important All Chapters Short Questions.

9th Class Computer Chapter 1 Short Questions

  1. Define Computer?
  2. Define History of Computer?
  3. Who is the father of the Computer?
  4. Write any two advantages of transistors?
  5. How many generations of computers?
  6. How many types of computers?
  7. Define Pascaline Calculator?
  8. Write the name of the first digital computer?
  9. How many types of computer languages?
  10. What are language translators?
  11. How many types of Low-level languages?
  12. Define the difference between low-level languages and High-level languages?
  13. Define the classifications of computers?
  14. Define the Second Generation of Computer With 2 examples?
  15. LSI and VLSI Stands for?
  16. Write the role of computer in education?
  17. Define Assembler, Compiler and interpreter?
  18. Write the positive impacts of the computer on society?
  19. Who invented C Language?
  20. How the Analytical Engine Works?
  21. Define LISP and FORTRAN?
  22. Write the name of High-level languages?
  23. What is a hybrid computer?
  24. Write the difference between analog and digital computers?

9th Class Computer Chapter 2 Short Questions

  1. What is the difference between Hardware and Software?
  2. What are the input and output devices?
  3. Define Electronic Data Processing?
  4. Write the names of components of the system unit?
  5. Write the difference between application software and system software?
  6. What are the operations of ALU?
  7. Define How CPU Works?
  8. What are the registers?
  9. Write the difference between Main Memory and Secondary Memory?
  10. Define the system bus and write its types?
  11. What is the difference between the Data bus and Address bus?
  12. Define the Control bus and Write how it works?
  13. Write the names of two types of computer storage?
  14. Define Port and Write their types?
  15. Define the Parallel Port and USB Port?
  16. How many parts of the CPU?
  17. How many types of Software?
  18. Define motherboard?
  19. Define the input and output unit?

9th Class Computer Chapter 3 Short Questions

  1. Define input devices with 2 examples?
  2. What are the Numeric Keys?
  3. Define Mouse?
  4. Write the names of two pointing devices?
  5. Define Microphone?
  6. What is Resolution?
  7. Define Voice Recognition Software?
  8. Write the functions of Enter Key and Delete Key?
  9. Define output devices with 2 examples?
  10. How many types of monitors?
  11. What is OCR Software?
  12. What is a Soft Copy and Hard Copy?
  13. Write the name of mouse events?
  14. What is the difference between impact printers and non-impact printers?
  15. Define CDR and CDRW?

9th Class Computer Chapter 4 Short Questions

  1. Define Hard Disk?
  2. Define high-level formatting and low-level formatting?
  3. What is the difference between bit and byte?
  4. Write the formula for access time?
  5. Why DRAM is slow?
  6. Define Magnetic Disk Storage?
  7. Define RAM and ROM?
  8. What are SRAM and DRAM?
  9. Write the advantages of CD ROM
  10. Define EPROM and EEPROM?
  11. How many operations CPU can perform on the main memory?

9th Class Computer Chapter 5 Short Questions

  1. Define Number System?
  2. Define the Decimal Number System?
  3. Convert (011011)2 into Decimal?
  4. Define Hexadecimal Number System?
  5. Define Data and information?
  6. What is fixed-point numbers?
  7. Find 1’s complement of 10011001?
  8. Write the difference between LSB and MSB?

9th Class Computer Chapter 6 Short Questions

  1. Write the laws of Boolean algebra?
  2. What is the OR operation?
  3. What is AND operation?
  4. Define Boolean algebra?
  5. Define Boolean Variables?
  6. What is the proposition?
  7. What is identity Element?
  8. Prove that x+1=1?
  9. Define Maxterm?
  10. What is a Boolean expression?

9th Class Computer Chapter 7 Short Questions

  1. What are the components of the operating system?
  2. Define DIR Command?
  3. Write the difference between source code and object code?
  4. What is Data and Time Command?
  5. Define Assembler?
  6. What are VOL and VER Command?
  7. Define an object program?
  8. What are the examples of system software?
  9. What are Copy and XCopy?
  10. Write the difference between internal and External Command?
  11. What are RD and MD Command?
  12. Define the operating system?
  13. Define Command File and Executable File?
  14. How many types of DOS Command? Write the name.

9th Class Computer Chapter 8 Short Questions

  1. What is Recycle Bin?
  2. Define the Graphical User interface?
  3. What is Desktop?
  4. Define Control Panel?
  5. What are the windows explorer and internet explorer?
  6. What is a Computer Virus?
  7. Define Multitasking?
  8. Define icon?
  9. What is Menu?
  10. Write the difference between file and folder?