Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro App – Easy to Use and 100% Free

Hi Here you can get the information about the one App and that App name is Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro App. This App is very useful for every mobile phone User. if you are on bike and you want to stay connected with your mobile phone App. You don’t to miss any important Call then this App is very useful for you.

This App is made by JaredCo Company. Lots of People use this App. This App is 100 Percent Free. You can use any Feature without giving any amount. 

Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro App identifies Caller and Text Message Sender and Announce Clearly. You can Connect this App with Hand Free.


  • Built in Caller ID Function is very useful to find Unknown Caller and Messages From Unknown Sender.
  • User Friendly and Easy to Use
  • You can use this App using Hand Free
  • This App identify the Caller and Message Sender and Announce Loudly.
  • Fast, Better and 100% Free
  • Read Messages From Your WhatsApp Account
  • You can Enable and Disable the Spoken Announcement at any time.


  • if you are drive your car then this App is very useful for you. you can know everything without Touch your Mobile. if anyone call you or send you any message this app speak the name of Caller and tell the all message by speaking.
  • You can use this App when you are doing an important Work. Because doing important work you want to don’t check mobile after few seconds again and again. This app speak the Caller Name and Caller Message. You can Know the Activity without Touch the Mobile.
  • if anyone a blind Person then this App is very useful for that Person Because this App Tell you everything and Blind Person Know everything without see the Mobile.

How to Use Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro:

Before using this App you have to install this App. if you don’t install this App then Click on Below Link and Download this App.

Download Now

When you install this App then Open this App. After Open this App You have to Allow some Settings and then you will see some Options.

  • Calls
  • Audio
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp / Signal
  • Speech System Test
  • Call Blocker – Manager Numbers
  • Use Widget For Quick Enable / Disable


in Calls Option you can Enable Speak Name Option and Announce Unknown Numbers Option. You can also set How many Times Caller Name will be Announce.

Here you can set if anyone call you or send message you then What will be say this Caller Name Announcer : Hands-Free Pro App. if waleed name Person call you then this App says Waleed is Calling. You can set anything in this option.


in this Audio Option you can set the Audio Volume. if you want to increase or decrease Audio Volume then you can use this Audio option.


if you want to get information about SMS then this option is very useful for you. Here you can Enable the Message Sender Name Option and Message Read Option. You can also set How many Times this App can read the Message by Voice.

WhatsApp / Signal:

if you want to Listen Your WhatsApp Messages then Enable this WhatsApp / Signal option. This option is very best and easy to use. Everyone can use this option without any amount.

Speech System Test:

By Click on this option you can Test this App. When you click on this Option. This App Read one Message by Voice. if you Listen Clearfully then you can use this App.

Call Blocker:

if you don’t talk to anyone then you can use the Call Blocker option. by using this option you can block any person. After Blocking they cannot send any message to you and don’t do call on your number.

Quick Enable / Disable:

if you want to use this App then simple click on Quick Enable / Disable option. You can Enable this option and also disable this option at anytime.


i hope this information is very useful for you. if you have any question in your mind then you can ask me at anytime. i will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting this Website.