How to increase battery life on android | improve phone battery life

By | September 26, 2019

How to increase battery life on android

Hi, Friends if you want to increase your mobile battery life but you don’t know how to increase battery life on android then don’t worry I will tell you complete information. 

Now I am telling you about one app. This app is a very useful app for your mobile battery. with the help of this app, you can increase mobile battery timing.

Let’s see how this app works.

after installing this app open it on your mobile. after opening it you have to click on start option.

increase Battery Timing

This app will ask permission to you, you have to click on allow option for giving permission.

increase battery lifeMethods about How to increase Battery life on Android 

Now this app is open. you will see two options in this app, one is battery saver and the second is CPU Cooler.

increase battery life

Battery Saver:

The benefit of a battery saver option is this you can save your mobile battery mean you can use your phone battery for a long time. This is a very useful and awesome app for can improve your phone battery life in a very easy way. This is a very useful option for your mobile.

CPU Cooler:

The benefit of CPU Cooler Option is, This will keep your mobile cool. if your mobile gets hot then don’t can use this CPU Cooler option. After using this option your mobile will become cool.

Other Benefits:

This app provides information about status, Temperature, Voltage, Health, Technology and Plugged. 

if you want to download this app click on a download link below.


Friends if you have any questions in your mind about this app then you can ask me any time. I reply to you as soon as possible.


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